2021-12-06 04:31:09

Inverse Finance is a lending platform that is a suite of permissionless decentralized finance tools governed by Inverse DAO, a decentralized autonomous organization running on the Ethereum blockchain. The main Inverse Finance products are Anchor, DOLA, and DCA Vaults.

Why is this a gem?

✨ The founder of Inverse Finance is Nour - one of the famous devs in the Crypto community. The project has a very strong Dev team and a very loyal community.

Inverse Finance partners with leading cryptocurrency & DeFi protocols like Fantom, Ethereum, Sushiswap, OHM - DeFi 2.0 leading project, Yearn.Finance, ...

✨ More than other lending and borrowing projects, Inverse Finance has both developed the Lending market and issued stable coins, allowing stable coins as collateral thereby opening up more new use cases.

Inverse Finance’s TVL increases 5 times only in 1 month. The current TVL is $70M.


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