2022-04-18 23:30:13
How to purchase Yield Protocol (YIELD)

What is Yield Protocol
Yield Protocol is an open source platform allowing anybody to create and execute yield farming & trading strategies on the Ethereum Defi ecosystem.
Yield Protocol is designed to minimize smart contract risk by simplifying the abilities of each contract. Yields Protocol's design allows anybody to design financial strategies that others can leverage without giving them access to their funds.
Yield Protocols modular design allows for multitude of purposes. Design and deploy yield farming strategies, algo trading, lending and everything in between. These aspects with ever growing arsenals of supporter protocols and pools, makes YieldProtocol the perfect solution.
How to buy YIELD?
  • How to buy YIELD on Neko Invest app
    For more information:
    How to download and use Neko Invest app
    • Step 1 :  Create/Login to your Neko Invest app account
    • Step 2 :  Go to Market page, click on the Search icon and search YIELD in the search bar.
    • Step 3 :  Click on YIELD logo and choose Invest.
    • Step 4 :  Entering the amount of YIELD that you want to buy. Then click on the Get Quotes button.
    • Step 5 :  Swipe the Swipe to swap button and now you own YIELD. You can check your YIELD balance in your wallet by going to Wallet page.
Contract Addresses
Yield Protocol (Ethereum) : 0xa8b61cff52564758a204f841e636265bebc8db9b
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