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How to purchase SoccerHub (SCH)

What is SoccerHub
#1 What is SoccerHub? ($SCH)
SoccerHub is the very first play-to-earn multiplayer soccer manager game which is a combination of the traditional soccer manager game and the trending NFT game.
$SCH is such a universal soccer fan token built on multi-chain networks including Binance Smart Chain & Polygon with an aim to offer scalability and stable fees.
With the ambition to bring users a unique NFT gaming experience, SoccerHub offers a variety of joyful gaming activities surrounding NFT players and even includes a betting system. As a play-to-earn game, users can play SoccerHub while earning $SCH tokens from trading, staking, winning matches, or betting.
$SCH Token Utilities are used for:

Payment for transferring NFT Players
Payment for soccer player’s wage
Payment for equipment & treatment
Payment for training packages
Payment for betting service

#2 Who are the Founders of SoccerHub?
Inspired by the traditional soccer manager games adored by the whole world over the past decade, SoccerHub is the brainchild of CEO Salem Nguyen with two technology specialists, Harry Dau and Dung Vu.
SoccerHub CEO - Salem Nguyen has over 10 years of experience working in the IT industry. She has successfully led Chainos Solution to be one of Vietnam's top 10 blockchain companies after 3 years of establishment.
CTO Harry Dau - also known as Head of R&D at Chainos, is a person with extensive expertise in many different areas of technology, especially Blockchain. Besides working as a developer, he also specializes in consulting solutions for customers in many countries around the world: Korea, Japan, Canada, Vietnam,...
Ngoc Anh Ta - COO of Ziga Game Studio with 18 games released and recorded 300,000 daily active users. With over 10 years of experience in game development, he is actively leading a team in charge of game design and development in SoccerHub.
Sharing a great love for soccer and the same ambition, the members of our team met and decided to kick off SoccerHub from July 2021, focusing on exciting game activities following the principles of a play-to-earn game.
#3 What makes Soccer Hub unique?
The key point that makes SoccerHub different from other soccer NFT games is that an NFT soccer player in Soccer Hub is not just a card but a virtual player whose distinct statistics are randomly generated by blockchain technology. Collection items are distinguished by Attributes (15 different attributes), Positions (14 different positions), and Statistics (17 different statítics).
Furthermore, in SoccerHub, users will not only enjoy gaming activities as a soccer manager but also as a betting player. The betting system is built on smart contracts creating a paradigm of fairness, transparency, speed, and security.
In a nutshell, SoccerHub main features are Random NFT Soccer Player, Play-to-earn Game, Multi-chain Supported, and Marketplace with low fees. Thus, Soccer Hub aims to create a lasting circle game while building a sustainable community of soccer fans.
#4 How many $SCH are there in Circulation?
There are around $1 billion $SCH in the total supply and 60.68 million tokens in the current circulating amount, which are distributed as follows:

Seed Sales - 1.2%
Private Sales - 8%
Public Sales - 2%
Community - 8%
Marketing - 5%
Liquidity & Listing - 15%
Play-to-earn - 25,8%
Foundations - 15%
Team & Advisors - 20%

#5 Where can I buy $SCH?
$SCH is available for trading on a growing number of exchanges:

Binance Smart Chain
How to buy SCH?
  • How to buy SCH on Neko Invest app
    For more information:
    How to download and use Neko Invest app
    • Step 1 :  Create/Login to your Neko Invest app account
    • Step 2 :  Go to Market page, click on the Search icon and search SCH in the search bar.
    • Step 3 :  Click on SCH logo and choose Invest.
    • Step 4 :  Entering the amount of SCH that you want to buy. Then click on the Get Quotes button.
    • Step 5 :  Swipe the Swipe to swap button and now you own SCH. You can check your SCH balance in your wallet by going to Wallet page.
Contract Addresses
SoccerHub (Binance Smart Chain) : 0xe485b2780c3822a62da88857fd6481018ea8cb95
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