2022-04-18 23:30:13
How to purchase Refinable (FINE)

What is Refinable
Blockchain as a whole has experienced several major technological trends in the last decade, beginning with the advent of bitcoin, to the emergence of separate blockchain platforms, and most recently the craze of decentralized finance projects. However, none of these trends have captured the immediate and tangible imagination of the general public like non-fungible tokens(NFTs) have. Akin to how bitcoin has challenged the existing notion of money, NFTs are now on track to challenge the fundamental notion of ownership.
To learn more about this project, check out our deep dive of Refinable.
With the massive excitement at NFT projects such as NBA TopShots and SoRare, where real-world content is tokenized into certifiably ownable NFTs, communities have demonstrated that digital collectibles can draw immense value from a shared understanding of value and context. It has been exciting seeing communities ranging from gaming to digital art, music to memes all begin to engage in leveraging NFT technology to create and tokenize content for their users. With the NFT market still in its infancy, we as a community should continue to enable and foster playful experimentation to unlock the deepest potential of NFTs.
However, as more communities and users begin to interact with existing NFT projects, the issue of scalability and mass onboarding becomes apparent. Etherereum transaction fees have been skyrocketing due to massive activities in other blockchain projects, causing the average users to pay upwards of $60USD for creating or transacting an NFT token. Platform commission fees have been equally exorbitant, while other users wait for months to be verified on select platforms - so we decided to create a one-stop NFT solution addressing these and much more.
Without further ado, we are excited to officially announce the public reveal of our project.
As the first major NFT hub on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Refinable is the definitive platform to create, discover, trade, and leverage any digital content on the blockchain. We believe in bringing about the adoption of NFTs for the masses whilst also allowing for the communal experimentation of this new medium. This means providing our users with a next-gen platform that can support the next billion users in their NFT endeavors, and this is how it begins.

No-Code Decentralized P2P Marketplace
Ultra-Low Transaction & Commission Fees
Limitless Creation & Distribution Options
Multiple Settlement Currencies
Customized Royalties
NFT Content Agnostic
Community Moderation & IP Protection
Commercial & Non-Commercial Rights and much more…
How to buy FINE?
  • How to buy FINE on Neko Invest app
    For more information:
    How to download and use Neko Invest app
    • Step 1 :  Create/Login to your Neko Invest app account
    • Step 2 :  Go to Market page, click on the Search icon and search FINE in the search bar.
    • Step 3 :  Click on FINE logo and choose Invest.
    • Step 4 :  Entering the amount of FINE that you want to buy. Then click on the Get Quotes button.
    • Step 5 :  Swipe the Swipe to swap button and now you own FINE. You can check your FINE balance in your wallet by going to Wallet page.
Contract Addresses
Refinable (Binance Smart Chain) : 0x4e6415a5727ea08aae4580057187923aec331227
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