2022-04-18 23:30:10
How to purchase Myriad (XMY)

What is Myriad
Myriad is a cryptocurrency that supports 5 algorithms, catering for ASIC, GPU and CPU mining. Currently, those algorithms consist of SHA256d, Scrypt, Myr-Groestl, Argon2d, and Yescrypt. Myriad's multi-algorithm approach offers 51% attack resistance as a range of different hardware would be needed to find 51% of the blocks. Merge mining is available on the SHA256d and Scrypt algorithms, enabling Myriad to take advantage of the hashrates used by the coins leveraging these algorithms (BTC, LTC)
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How to buy XMY?
  • How to buy XMY on Neko Invest app
    For more information:
    How to download and use Neko Invest app
    • Step 1 :  Create/Login to your Neko Invest app account
    • Step 2 :  Go to Market page, click on the Search icon and search XMY in the search bar.
    • Step 3 :  Click on XMY logo and choose Invest.
    • Step 4 :  Entering the amount of XMY that you want to buy. Then click on the Get Quotes button.
    • Step 5 :  Swipe the Swipe to swap button and now you own XMY. You can check your XMY balance in your wallet by going to Wallet page.
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