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How to purchase Elk Finance (ELK)

What is Elk Finance
What Is Elk Finance (ELK)?
Elk.Finance is a decentralized network for cross-chain liquidity, allowing trustless and secure value transfer across chains (e.g., Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Matic, Avalanche). Elk users can swap tokens across chains seamlessly with sub-second speed. Any chain, anytime, anywhere!
ELK is the native utility token that is used for:

Value transfer across chains.
Payment of exchange fees.
Governance votes to determine how network resources are allocated.

How Many ELK Tokens Are There in Circulation?
Elk Finance Protocol launched on its first chain (Avalanche) on March 19, 2021, and its second chain on April 10, 2021. A first version of the mainnet and more chains will launch in Q2, 2021. The full mainnet is expected in Q4, 2021. The maximum ELK supply is 42,424,242. 10 million tokens will be distributed through yield farming during 4 years. Another 10 million tokens are allocated to the Elk insurance fund (providing protection against impermanent loss), the rest is allocated to a community fund (20 million), the team (2 million), and airdrops.
Where Can I Buy Elk Finance (ELK)?
ELK is currently available for trading on decentralized exchanges, with cryptocurrency and stablecoin pairs currently available.
ElkDex offers the largest number of pairs and the deepest liquidity as of May 2021, while Pangolin Exchange and Quickswap both offer some pairs and liquidity in their respective chains.
How to buy ELK?
  • How to buy ELK on Neko Invest app
    For more information:
    How to download and use Neko Invest app
    • Step 1 :  Create/Login to your Neko Invest app account
    • Step 2 :  Go to Market page, click on the Search icon and search ELK in the search bar.
    • Step 3 :  Click on ELK logo and choose Invest.
    • Step 4 :  Entering the amount of ELK that you want to buy. Then click on the Get Quotes button.
    • Step 5 :  Swipe the Swipe to swap button and now you own ELK. You can check your ELK balance in your wallet by going to Wallet page.
Contract Addresses
Elk Finance (Heco) : 0xE1C110E1B1b4A1deD0cAf3E42BfBdbB7b5d7cE1C
Elk Finance (Polygon) : 0xE1C110E1B1b4A1deD0cAf3E42BfBdbB7b5d7cE1C
Elk Finance (Fantom) : 0xe1c110e1b1b4a1ded0caf3e42bfbdbb7b5d7ce1c
Elk Finance (Avalanche Contract Chain) : 0xE1C110E1B1b4A1deD0cAf3E42BfBdbB7b5d7cE1C
Elk (Binance Smart Chain) : 0xE1C110E1B1b4A1deD0cAf3E42BfBdbB7b5d7cE1C
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